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PAUSE Her Meets: Kyra

PAUSE Her Meets: Kyra

Meet the team:
: Kyra @kyravision 
Photographer: Danika Magdalena
Creative Direction: Sukhy and Roh aka SANDR @wearesandr
Styling: Rhea Francois and Fi Abbassy @reeree.f and @feensface 
Hairstylist: Jasmine Lanyero  @abitofjaz
Make-up Artist: Rebecca Hampson  @rebeccahampsonmakeup
Set-Design: Grace Becker-Burnett  @grace_beckerburn 
Location: Sub-Rosa Studios

Interview by Tomi Otekunrin

We caught up with singer-songwriter Kyra to talk about her magical new single ‘Cali Dreamin‘, what she’s learnt about herself during the quarantine and her self care routine.

Clothing credit: Bodysuit – Dreaming Eli

Tomi: I love your single ‘Cali Dreamin’, I feel like I’m floating whenever I listen to it. How do you want people to feel when they listen to the song?

Kyra: It’s exactly that, I kinda want you to just float away into another dimension, another stratosphere. I want people to be transported to a cosmic realm and it really, really does that for me. My inspiration when I wrote it was, this moment of driving through California with my friends, hair blowing in the wind with my arms up in the sky. I wanted to capture that feeling in a 3-4 minute song.

T: On your next project, what new parts of yourself do you want to share with your fans?

K: I feel like as I’m growing in confidence and stepping more into womanhood, I’d like to explore more of my sensual side. I’m always quite conceptually heavy, which doesn’t always allow you to be autobiographical so I’d like to step into that a bit more but I always like to work with themes though. I’m quite obsessed with that.

T: What makes you feel the most powerful as a woman? 

K: Mmm…I’m trying to think about what exactly makes me feel more powerful because I definitely do feel powerful as a woman. Owning my journey makes me feel powerful. Motherhood has been a big part of that for me personally, my personal journey. Because I think women are flipping insane, if you’ve gone through it yourself or been close to a family member that’s given birth, raising a child and still bossing up life…I just think wow, women are exceptional. Also I think there’s such a strong community of women online, in particular black women, that are really stepping into their power now. I like to surround myself with organizations, groups and communities like that because I feel like we’re taking ownership and are less afraid now to stand up and claim what we deserve.

Clothing credits: Slip dress – 1991BABESTORE
Boots- Public Desire

T: What has this time in quarantine taught you about yourself?

K: It’s flipping reinforced how much I love being by myself [laughter]. Sadly I haven’t had much alone time but yeah, I love having my own space. I think it’s just reaffirmed for me how important it is, even moving forward after this is all done and bubba goes back to nursery and studio is back on, just to not over cram it. Don’t do too much, don’t be a Teddy Riley [laughter]. 

T: Oh my gosh, it’s like you know because I’m about to ask you about something related to that.

K: [laughs] Listen I’m on your wavelength. Yeah, don’t do too much man. You can still be productive in a small amount of time, let’s not over cram it. I need to breathe and I want to carry that moving forward.

T: I’ve been loving these Versuz battles especially between the songwriters, who are some of your favourite songwriters of all time?

K: Oooh…Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis. I think Sia is amazing, she’s actually dope. Prince and Babyface.

T: Yes Babyface!

K: Come on! Who won that battle? Come on [laughter].

T: Is there a song that exists, that you heard and went damn I wish I wrote that?

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K: There’s been quite a few of those, one is ‘The Most Beautiful Girl In The World’ by Prince. I think that song is flipping incredible and then there’s a Corinne Bailey Rae song called ‘Like A Star’.

T: When they let us back outside again, what dream venue would you love to perform in?

K: The Colosseum Amphitheatre in Rome would be insane as I’m obsessed with the architecture and that along with Grecian mythology is a massive inspiration for my forthcoming EP ‘Xanadu’.  The Sydney Opera House that Solange recently performed in would be a dream – her set design was incredible. It’d be great to perform in an auditorium and have a 360 degrees show.

Clothing credits: Dress – Junli

T: What designer would you like to help design your next stage outfits and why?

K: I’ve worked with so many up-and-coming designers and there’s so much talent out there. I’m going to big up someone that has designed some stuff for me, who I found on Instagram – he’s an Italian designer called Jan Eneskey. His eye and his work is amazing, I think he’ll be up there with the biggest designers. I like working with people who are just doing it on their 1’s and just trying to make it happen.

T: Most of us are at home and some of us are not looking like our usual selves which is okay. Please share a few beauty tips if you have any? 

K: There’s a few things. I actually cut my hair, I am a quarantine snipper, self-isolation snipper [laughter]. But do you know what, for me, I am looking like a mess right now but I’m embracing it. Like I say, the pressure is off! I’m letting my skin be free, I’m not wearing any makeup and I’m still cleansing before I go to bed. I’m deep conditioning my hair, I’ve never really bothered before this but my hair was in such a state. So I was like I’m going to cut it off and deep condition it at least once a week. Put your hair in some protective styling, bless it with some beautiful argan oil, black seed oil and put it in some doo doo plaits. Keep yourself hydrated. Water, sleep and moisture. Repeat!

T: When you get a chance to pause, what do you do for self care?

K: I might sound like a weirdo but I like sitting in a room in silence. Obviously I love music but there’s a separate time for music. For me, I’m always in my head and always thinking of ideas, designs and music. I like to sit in silence and then I also love, love, love sketching, drawing and painting. It’s such a beautiful mindful exercise and it’s like you’re massaging your mind, it’s so relaxing. I’m a dreamer and I love to drift off in my own world.

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