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PAUSE Her Q&A With @lame.cobain

PAUSE Her Q&A With @lame.cobain

PAUSE Her caught up with Model Chandra to chat about her lockdown experience, lessons learned and her bucket list!

How did you find the lockdown?  And what have you learned about yourself from this surreal experience?

I found it quite hard at first, I had some really down points in my personal life around the start of everyone self isolating and lockdown happening. Was quite nerve racking as  it meant i couldn’t go out, meet my friends; do what I’d usually do when crappy stuff is happening. Being confined in a space on my own made it trickier but it’s all a part of the process; I’m sure we all were dealing with ups and downs. 

I’ve for sure learnt a lot about myself as cliche as it is; my love for painting has come back! I’ve also learnt I’m able to get myself out of a rough patch on my own, and enjoy being around myself. Not that I didn’t know this before but I also learned to a higher extent how much my friends mean to me; they’re amazing and truly make me happy! Communication has defo been key during lockdown. 

When you get a moment to PAUSE, what do you do for fun?

I like to paint; It’s also a great way to calm myself down and make me feel at peace. Also getting ready, styling outfits and dressing up (to go nowhere haha) has been fun. Wish I could do all the fun stuff all day but my uni deadlines are catching up, eek! Studying Fashion Marketing isn’t as stress free as it sounds! 

If you could be anywhere on earth, where would you be and why?

Hard question! I don’t travel much, I really want to; so I think if I had the experience of travelling loads that this would be an easy question to answer. Somewhere where I feel a sense of comfort. Loads of free space. Hmm. A beach sounds too typical doesn’t it? 

If your style was a song, what would it be?

Thats so tricky! Not too sure to be honest as my style is such a mix! Always wearing black, chains and rings, then changing it up the rare few times. Maybe you can match my style to my current music faves. (Playlist below)

Describe a time where you took your fashion sense too far, or had a style mishap.

There’s so many! When I was younger, around 13, 14 I would wear size S band tees with skinny black jeans with leggings underneath so the jeans were extra skinny, and a black Fedora channeling some sort of Michael Jackson Stan that was within me. 

Tell us one thing from your bucket list. 

Travel more and learn about different cultures. Continuous learning is so important, broadens the mind and presents an element of internal growth. At the start of the year one of my goals was to travel alone! And amazingly I achieved that a few months ago heading to America. May pat my self on the back for that hahaha. 

One thing you couldn’t live without?

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Cheesy but couldn’t live without my friends and the wonderful people around me! I also couldn’t live without my rings. Oh and art/painting; can’t imagine a life without it and it’s influence.

Countryside, or city life? 

I was born in London, lived in Hackney for most of my life, so I’m extremely used to the city life. It can be overwhelming but I’ve enjoyed it. It’s what I’m familiar with! However I do enjoy the countryside, one of my favourite things are views, whether that’s views of hills, mountains or the sun setting. Seeing that everyday and being out in the open sounds like my kind of heaven. It would have to be a split between the two! Typical indecisive Londoner.

What would you say has been the highest point of your life so far?

Getting through my spinal fusion surgery after being diagnosed with servere scoliosis from ages 7-12. I also think my highest points stem from looking back and seeing how I’ve improved mentally, and just grown and bettered myself even if it isn’t obvious. 

Tell us something your followers don’t know about you.

My name isn’t ‘lamé’ but I’m not complaining it sounds quite regal.

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