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PAUSE Her Q&A With Pip Millett

PAUSE Her Q&A With Pip Millett

One of the UK’s brightest breakout names in R&B and soul, Manchester-born Pip Millett follows on from her acclaimed debut EP Do Well and recent releases “Deeper Dark” and “June” with her striking new EP “Lost In June”, out now. 

PAUSE Her caught up with Pip to talk lockdown, Keeping Up, and what’s next for her in 2020.

How are you finding the change in routine since lockdown?

I’m finding it ok. It’s different but I think I probably needed a bit of time to be writing so for me, I can find some comfort at this strange time. 

What would you recommend people do in all the ‘spare’ time they are now experiencing?

Watch films, particularly with real people in, that can make things feel less lonely. Or watch some lighthearted television like Keeping Up With The Kardashians – you might hate that kind of thing but when things feel heavy, something like that does really help. On the good days though, it’s always good to have a clear out or a clean, go on a walk, sit in the garden, do the garden, draw, paint, write down your feelings, cook, rearrange your room, play board games etc. 

Has being in quarantine affected your mental health in any way?  If so, what do you do to overcome those feelings?

Yea, of course it has. I have days when I feel like I’m going crazy and my anxiety just won’t let me take my mind off of things. I try to distract myself with Netflix and that usually does the trick. 

Share a beauty tip with us…

A long lasting beauty tip would be to always wear sun cream!  

When you get a moment to PAUSE, what do you do for fun?

I like going roller skating or going out to try new food. I love eating. 

What is your favourite ‘at home’ outfit?

My orange tracksuit and a fluffy dressing gown. 

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What is the first thing you will do when lockdown is lifted?

Go to the pub with my boyfriend Matt. 

What is your favourite love song?  (Can be yours, or an artist you admire)

Stevie Wonder – Knocks me off my feet.

Lost In June, out now.

What can we expect from you for 2020?

My shows hopefully once this has all blown over! Plus more music. 

UK Tour Dates

  • 24thNovember– Manchester Yes – Sold Out 
  • 25thNovember– London Jazz Café – Sold Out
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