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PAUSE Her At Home With @kittycowell

PAUSE Her At Home With @kittycowell

COVID-19 has completely flipped our lives upside down across the globe, any sense of normalcy and routine has gone out of the window. Most of us are now at home figuring out what to do with our time. Of course if you feel like doing absolutely nothing that is fine, take the time to rest, no one should make you feel bad about that. For those of you looking for some ideas, we’ve called upon our favourite people to help share how they’ve been spending their time at home.

Today on our Staying Home series we have fashion stylist and blogger Kitty Cowell.


During this period of quarantine, of which I have already been on for two weeks, I have been pushing my cooking skills and trying out new recipes. I’ve been sharing them on my stories too.

Trying to do Yoga every day and HIIT every few days. PLUS I’m really trying to push myself creatively from home. Today I shot a really simple but effective self-portrait and I shared a tutorial on how to shoot it. It’s made me feel really good and I’ve challenged other people to try it out online. I’m going to try to create as much interesting content online and challenge others to get involved with it too. I’m also watching Sex Education for the first time and it’s SO good!

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Remember to stay safe and of course, wash your hands!

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