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PAUSE Her At Home With @natwinter_

PAUSE Her At Home With @natwinter_

COVID-19 has completely flipped our lives upside down across the globe, any sense of normalcy and routine has gone out of the window. Most of us are now at home figuring out what to do with our time. Of course if you feel like doing absolutely nothing that is fine, take the time to rest, no one should make you feel bad about that. For those of you looking for some ideas, we’ve called upon our favourite people to help share how they’ve been spending their time at home.

Today on our Staying Home series we have photographer Nat Winter.


Being at home all the time has been quite hard as I live with my family so we’re all stuck in together. We’re all trying to keep busy without getting in each others way too much! It can be challenging but also really nice to have their support on a down day.

Personally I’ve started doing some yoga everyday which I haven’t done before, and making sure I go out for a walk or run to get some fresh air and time to myself.

I’ve also been having a big clear out and sorting through things I’d been putting off which passes a lot of time.

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My friend told me that the Open University have lots of free courses available so I’ve been looking into that today. I’m thinking of choosing one of the history based ones and I’m excited to start it!

Remember to stay safe and of course, wash your hands!

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