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PAUSE Her At Home With @vintagedollrisa

PAUSE Her At Home With @vintagedollrisa

COVID-19 has completely flipped our lives upside down across the globe, any sense of normalcy and routine has gone out of the window. Most of us are now at home figuring out what to do with our time. Of course if you feel like doing absolutely nothing that is fine, take the time to rest, no one should make you feel bad about that. For those of you looking for some ideas, we’ve called upon our favourite people to help share how they’ve been spending their time at home.

Today on our Staying Home series we have fashion stylist and GDS founder Clarissa Henry.


Despite it being such scary uncertain times, I am quite happy to have so much free time on my hands. Having come from working 9-5 and running my own streetwear brand, for months I felt as though I didn’t have the time to do random, spontaneous creative things and get back in touch with the 16 year old me, who would design and read for hours.

I’ve found it so interesting how everyone has come together, engaging so much more with each other online, which is actually great for influencers like me. I’ve enjoyed seeing how people are using their space to create new forms of content which is really inspiring. I’m particularly loving MissJoslin and JessyLaw’s feed at the moment.

My quarantine “get my life together” list:

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  • Finally finish 2 books I am currently reading: “This Is Marketing” by Seth Godin and “Money” by Laura Whateley.
  • Work on new pieces for my brand (@gdsbrand). I’m developing some lounge and activewear. I’m also scoping out the online archives of Vogue for inspiration and references.
  • FINALLY, finally start my fashion YouTube channel, which will be full of fashion styling content and cool visuals. It will be a personal challenge working with the pieces that are already in my wardrobe and coming up with some new looks!
  • Learn a new skill; I’m leaning towards coding or animation!
  • Perfect my skincare routine.

Most of us will never have this much time on our hands again so I am really going to take advantage of it. There’s still so much to learn even if we are stuck at home, so seeing the positive side to everything that’s going on is the best way to go.

Remember to stay safe and of course, wash your hands!

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