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PAUSE Her Meets: The Bloom Twins

PAUSE Her Meets: The Bloom Twins

Meet The Team:
Stylist: Shaquille Williams
Photographer: Zekaria Al-Bolstani
MUA: Marie-Chantal
Videographer: Noah Sapon

PAUSE Her caught up with The Bloom Twins, Anna and Sofia Kuprienko, and spoke about growing up, fashion and you doing you!

What was it like growing up as twins?

Growing up as an identical twin was fun, but at the same time it was quite annoying because people kept on comparing us. Kept on saying “what’s good about you?”, “what’s better about you than about your sister?”. We obviously look quite similar, but we’re so different. We’re like black and white.

We grew up to be competitors which I don’t think is a good thing. If you’re sisters, you should not compete. That’s what we learnt when we came to London; that it’s the right time to stop competing. I mean, just relax, enjoy for a second.

When did you first get into fashion?

I guess we got into fashion when we were like 6 or 7. That’s when we opened the wardrobe and we were like, ‘forget it, i’m gonna take my mums clothing and put a belt on it!’. And nothing’s changed since! She dresses me up!

What were your favourite shows this season?

I loves R13’s show. That was really really good. It looked great, really dark, really punky. And that is what I love. I love the punk era.

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My favourite show was Burberry and it was in London. The music was absolutely amazing. The pieces were great, and when we sat down in the showroom there was a big mirror box, which lifted up, the lights went on, lots of technical stuff. They put the greatest speaker you could imagine on the catwalk! So you could really enjoy the music as much as you would enjoy the performance. I had goosebumps. I still have them talking about it! They really nailed it.

What was the idea behind your new single ‘Free Fall’?

Free Fall is a super daring song. F.F. (Free Fall) stands for Female Future, and we just wanted to .. For everybody to be free. Living in a society where everybody records everything and posts it on Instagram you kind of think ‘Oh maybe I shouldn’t be that way’, ‘maybe I should filter it a little bit’. And we say ‘No, screw that, FF that!’. Just do whatever you want, if you want to put on oversized jeans, you go for it. If you want to put on a skirt and high heels and you’re a guy, you go for it. Whatever you want, just do it. You do you basically. Boundaries are terrible.

Instagram: @bloomtwins

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