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PAUSE Her Q&A With Yemi Alade

PAUSE Her Q&A With Yemi Alade

Nigerian superstar, Yemi Alade, is a master at releasing hit after hit, which should come as no surprise after the very impressive introduction she made with her first single ‘Johnny‘ in 2014. She has racked up many accolades since then with being the first African woman to reach 100 million views on YouTube, she has won the MTV Africa Music Award for Best Female twice and has enjoyed partnerships with global brands such as L’Oréal and Coco-Cola. Yemi was featured on the highly praised soundtrack album, ‘The Lion King: The Gift’ by Beyoncé with the songs ‘MY POWER‘ and ‘DON’T JEALOUS ME‘.

We caught up with the superstar to discuss her latest single ‘Boyz‘, her upcoming LP, Afrobeats and creative interests outside of music.

Tomi: Your new single ‘Boyz’ is definitely a hot girl summer anthem. What qualities are a must, if a man wants to approach you?

Yemi: ‘Boyz’ is an anthem for my ladies! Well, because of the numerous questions I receive from the press about my type of man, I decided to make a song stating all the qualities my type of man should have. He must be confident, smell good, be intelligent, smart, financially stable. Must be a dreamer and a doer, romantic and sweet. Definitely tall and good looking.

T: Are you still looking for Johnny or is he long gone?

Y: Lol, didn’t you read the news around town? Johnny is now looking for me …

T: My favourite scene in the ‘Boyz’ music video, is the men in the blindfolds, I loved the special effects. What is your favourite part?

Y: I also like the blindfold scene but my favorite scene is the set with several masculine hands trying to grab me through the holes in the blue wall.

T: What new avenues are you looking to explore on your upcoming fifth LP?

Y: Hmmm, I’m an experimental artist, I don’t like to limit myself, I enjoy the process of trying new things. Right now all I can say is, wait and experience the magic I’m creating.

T: You collaborated with Beyoncé last year on ‘The Lion King: The Gift’. How did you feel when her team first reached out and what was that experience like for you?

Y: It was an amazing experience, I mentioned in one of my songs; ‘Bumbum (2018)’, “chilling with Jay-Z and Beyoncé”, only for my statement to take life. I feel blessed to be a part of that project.

T: Afrobeats, Afropop has gone global. Where in the world would you love to perform your music for the first time?

Y: I have toured America, Europe and Africa for years but I particularly can’t wait to perform in Asia and the Caribbean.

T: What has making music in the middle of a pandemic, been like for you?

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Y: It has actually been good, because this period has given me a lot of time to rest and refresh. A fresh and clear mind always comes with new ideas and inspirations.

T: Outside of music and dance, what ways do you love being creative?

Y: I love to cook, so that should count as being creative and I also love interior decoration.

T: I see you cheffin’ it up on Instagram stories. If you had a restaurant, what would you call it and what would be the signature dish?

Y: I’d call it Bottom Pot Cuisine and my signature dish would be pounded yam and egusi soup.

T: When you get a moment to PAUSE, what do you like to do for self-care?

Y: I stay prayed up, get a massage or meditate.

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